Friday, 18 November 2016

On Neurophilosophy – Understanding the Negro Mind and Behavior

        This is the first installment of the series; Neuro-philosophy of the Negro Mind. This installment focuses on Black people and their conceptualization of Morality (or lack thereof). The dominance of cultural relativism in Western Academia and media circles has guarded the flawed principles of Political Correctness from being critically examined. It has also delegitimized objective examination of cultural differences and causes of such differences. The following piece on Morality and Abstract Thinking is a terse, easy-to-read commentary informed by the personal observations and experiences of Gedaliah Braun (PhD), who has lived and interacted with Black people in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and the United States for over 30 years. He explains how the ill-behavior that characterizes the spectrum of black Criminal behavior, including persistent aggression, positive enjoyment of the suffering of others, normalization of rape; is related to a lack of moral consciousness that results from the archetypical African language that is void of abstract concepts. It also describes how the resultant defective thinking process disadvantage Black Africans who are rendered unable to either create or sustain an industrial economy when left on their own devices; and also why they despise education, and tend to litter without any compunction. It also explains why limited thinking capacity and inability to properly plan for the future has led to widespread poverty among Blacks, and high prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV/AIDS.
        I would also like to thank American Renaissance for granting the permission for reproduction of this research. A few minor modifications have been made, including editing and subtitling to allow for easy scanning.
Black Africans roasting a monkey. The recent Ebola outbreak has been traced to consumption of poorly-cooked bush meat.