Thursday, 7 May 2015

US Expediting Salafist Victory against Regime Forces, as Islamist Forces display Military Maturity - SY2015/0507002

The recent rebel victories have been achieved chiefly due to prudent strategic planning with military operations being planned months ahead of their commencement; with ancillary offensives being conducted prior to the main offensive in order to secure strategic initiatives against the Regime. The Idlib offensive was preceded by the capture of Al Hamadiyeh and Wadi al-Deif military barracks in late 2014, thus enabling the rebels to stabilize the Idlib battlefront as well as weaken government forces in the region.
Salafist Demostration. Photo Credit: Demotix.

Rebel victories depict effective coordination among the disparate rebel forces across the ideological spectrum - from American-backed FSA (Free Syrian Army) to al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra (JN) and ISIS. The United States (US) facilitated the coordination among the ideologically-disparate rebel factions ranging from the secular factions to the obstinate al-Qaeda- and ISIS-affiliated Salafist factions - from its operation rooms based in Southern Turkey and Jordan.
            US is providing military ordnance and intelligence to both ‘vetted’ armed opposition groups and jihadist-allied rebel factions thus indirectly arming ISIS and al-Qaeda.

The changing dynamics in the region have elevated the profile of JN and its subordinate affiliates.

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