Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Al-Shabaab Psychological Operations : Exhausting the Will of the Kenyan Citizenry. Part 2 - Persecuting Christians to Advance Islamic Chauvinism

This is the second installment of a four-part series analyzing al-Shabaab psychological operations (PSYOPs) in Kenya and how its modest success have advanced the ideals of Islamic Chauvinism in the region.
Part 1, Part 3, Part 4.
Cleansing Somali-Dominated Regions of Non-Muslims – Overture for Reversion to Clan Warfare.
Al-Shabaab aims to induce (and sometime reinforce) actions and behaviours that are favourable to its strategic objectives. By attacking a College in Garissa, and selectively murdering Christian students (all of them hailing from outside the region); al-Shabaab was able to induce fear among the non-Muslim population in the region, and consequently most of the Christian inhabitants of Garissa have left or contemplating to leave the region (all the surviving non-Muslim students have already left, and have sworn not to return to Garissa).
By expelling Christians, al-Shabaab hopes that the local Somali population will revert to their usual clan squabbling since the principal external ‘other’ (that is, the Christian community) has been expelled. In such an environment, the subsequent clan factionalism would ultimately lead to brutal inter-clan conflicts and the consequent clan wars would make the region ungovernable, lawless and unlegislated; thereby creating an exceptional environment for al-Shabaab to develop and advance their infrastructure in the area prior to ruthlessly eliminating rivals (including clan leaders, politicians and influential people opposed to their agenda).
Persecuting Christians to Achieve the Ideals of Islamic Chauvinism.
Al-Shabaab has intentionally targeted Kenyan Christians for extreme persecution in their goal of realizing a Christian-free territory across the former North-Eastern province as well as in adjacent counties of Lamu, Tana River and Isiolo. Al-Shabaab has cloaked its persecution of Christians in Islamic expressions, such as, fighting taghut (repudiation of the Takfiri ideology), counteracting jahiliyya (religious ignorance), preserving an authentic manhaj (set of Islamic traditions) and expelling the Nazarenes (Islamists usually refer to Christians as Nazarenes) polytheists from Muslim lands.
Christian Quarry Workers Executed by Al-Shabaab in an Unprovoked Attack. Al-Shabaab Aims to Expel Christians from Muslim-Dominated Regions of Kenya.
The psychological operations arm of al-Shabaab has used broadcast media (international media, social media and alternative media) to shroud its savage mistreatment of Christians as a warning to Christians to vacate “Muslim” lands in order to avoid assured death, physical injuries and other forms of losses.
By expelling Christians, al-Shabaab aims to create a homogenous or near-homogenous (in ideological and sectarian terms) Muslim population that would be amenable to Takfiri Wahhabi-Salafist indoctrination.
Unlike other sects in Islam (Sunni Sufis, Shiite Ismailis and other non-violent Shiite sects), the Salafist interpretation of Wahhabi doctrines engender a distinct form of Islamic Chauvinism whereby the Wahhabi-Salafism brand of Islam is considered the indisputable epitome of individual and societal refinement that has been ordained by Allah and any opposition to it must be counteracted with extreme hostility and savage cruelty in order to preserve the existence if an ideal Wahhabi-Salafist Islamic society.

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