Thursday, 7 May 2015

Iraq: Baiji Oil Refinery Risks Being Overrun by ISIS - IQ2015/0507001

ISIS is about to overrun Baiji oil refinery – the largest oil refinery in Iraq. The Iraqi government sent reinforcements - Iraqi national troops together with Jund al-Imam militants - on 4th May 2015 but they have been unable to reverse the gains made by ISIS.

Anti-ISIS forces have sustained fatalities after suffering a SVBIED (Suicide Vehicle-Bound Improvised Explosive Device) attack. The suicide bomber has been identified as Abu Hanthala al-Pakistani – a foreign fighter of Pakistani origin who was fighting in the ranks of ISIS.
Baiji Oil Refinery Complex. Photo Credit:The Guardian

ISIS now controls over half of the refinery and had pushed anti-ISIS forces to the perimeter sectors of the refinery complex prior to besieging them there and cutting them off from their supplies. Besieged Pro-Government forces are running low on ammunition, food, medical supplies and other consumables as ISIS continues to attack their positions in the sprawling complex. The fall of Baiji oil refinery will be a significant blow to the US and allied attempts to cut ISIS off from its sources of revenue as well as deny it territories from which it could plan and launch terror offensives.

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